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On March 20,  1900 the Calumet Theatre opened to the public with a touring production of The Highwayman.  120 years to the date later, the Theatre will celebrate its anniversary by revealing the 2020 Season Schedule, and with a special performance by Erik Koskinen and his top-shelf band.

Musically sprouted from a blend of American folk, country, rock-n-roll, and blues,  Koskinen and his band realize a sound that is distinctive and fresh while familiar and classic.

Koskinen grew up in the Copper Country, where folks figured out how to survive by working hard and with their hands.  “I always want to write about real stuff, real emotions, and I think it comes from living in a place like Northern Michigan,” says Koskinen. “It’s situations like hard livin’, poverty and drinking. I just grew up around all that stuff. There were no fabricated lifestyles.”

When Koskinen’s parents got divorced, he moved to a little mill-and-factory town in New York. “My dad was staying in Michigan, and when we were leaving, he gave us his guitar. When I got to New York, I didn’t know anybody, had myself a guitar and started playing chords.” That was the humble beginnings of a musical career…one steeped in roots music, blue-collar sensibilities, and honest heart-felt story-telling…THAT is Erik Koskinen.

Don’t miss this special night celebrating the 120th anniversary of the Copper Country’s iconic jewel, The Calumet Theatre!

This voucher is good for one pair of tickets to CGT’s June 19th 7:30 pm show at the Calumet Theatre.  The Keweenaw Shopper recommends bringing the voucher to the Calumet Theatre Box Office to claim your tickets prior to the day of the show to ensure the best seating possible.