1 Ticket ($85 value) to the Manuscript Review Workshop August 13th


1 ticket to the Manuscript Review Workshop with Lucy M. Logsdon on August 13th, 2016 at the Keweenaw Writers Workshop in Copper Harbor.

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Manuscript Review Workshop with Lucy M. Logsdon

August 13th, 2016

Have you noticed the strong increase in chapbook production? Have you thought about publishing one yourself? Or are you an essayist who has been considering how to weave those separate pieces together into a coherent manuscript? Perhaps you’re working on a memoir and are struggling with too much detail or finding a narrative flow to your story?

Topics covered include:
• the importance of selecting and ordering poems for chapbooks
• methods for sequencing poems or essays for presentation to create the best manuscript
• the importance of theme and presentation
• getting through the hard work of revision
• plus a brief overview of what next?——once your manuscript feels ready to send out

Class time will also cover workshopping certain pre-selected participant work (selected by me from your submissions—-my selection will not be able to cover everyone, and will be based only on useful example, and timeliness).

Participants should have either a draft of a chapbook manuscript (at least 12  poems), or a selection of essays that they plan on developing into manuscript. Drafts, when at all possible, should be sent electronically via email prior to the workshop.

 for more information about the workshop and to claim your place in the conference  contact the Keweenaw Writers Workshop http://www.keweenawwritersworkshop.com/